Here's how your donations have helped.
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Free Mobile Mental Health Clinics

2018 saw the launch of Amaudo’s free mobile mental health clinic. During the year three areas benefited from the one-off clinic which was staffed by community psychiatric nurses, a psychiatrist, a pharmacist, a counsellor, general nurses and Amaudo’s team of experienced mental health-workers. In the run up to each event it was publicised on the radio and throughout local communities by traditional leaders and church groups. A month before the event a team of fieldworkers were recruited and tasked with identifying families that would benefit from the service and, once identified, they worked with these families in the run up and on the day to support them in accessing the services they required. Across the three events almost 200 people received care and most people we referred on to their local Community Mental Health Clinic for further treatment and support. Wider messages about mental health were distributed across communities and Government Health officials, local leaders and the press all gave their support on the day. Amaudo aims to hold six of these in events in 2019.


Training Nursing Students

For many years Amaudo has been informally offering student nurses the opportunity to come and stay at Amaudo and see a thriving mental health programme in action. Recently however the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery council have made it a requirement that all nursing students must experience a mental health setting as part of their general nursing course. Amaudo has been working with local colleges to explore how it can provide this requirement and we are now seeking funding to put our plans into action. This year the first step of this plan began when the Community Centre started its refurbishment to turn it into a training facility. So far the old roof has been replaced to stop any further damage from the rains and a porch has been added to provide shelter from the rain/sun. Plans are now underway for the second phase which involves decorating the interior and replacing the old windows.


Helping Hands School in Mbokwa

At the beginning of 2018 Amaudo UK was able to provide 2-year funding to cover the salaries for the teachers at the Helping Hands School in the local village of Mbokwa. The school is now thriving and has pupils in all years from 1 to 6. Amaudo UK also provided a grant for the school to fix the roof of the library and administration block which is now complete and has stopped the rains damaging the school’s resources.


Roofing & Maintenance

After 3 years of fundraising and some very generous donations all of the buildings at Amaudo 1 have now had their roofs replaced. This has had a huge impact on the reducing the amount of water damage to the buildings from the substantial rains which occur twice a year. Amaudo UK also provided funding for some basic maintenance of each house and has now secured the regular services of a local electrician to keep the power on. The Amaudo 1 Co-ordinator is now tasked with keeping on top of each residence and ensuring that it is well maintained.


Cassava Grinding Machine

A new cassava grinding machine has been purchased for Amaudo 2 to provide the centre with its own means of processing cassava, a staple food locally. The machine will also allow the centre to income generate by charging local people a small fee to come and use the it.


Water project

Thanks to a generous legacy, in 2016 we replaced all water and sanitation systems at both of the Amaudo centres.



Project Comfort field workers have been equipped with new motorbikes so that they can visit even the most remote villages.