Mission Statement

Amaudo UK works in partnership to create affordable, accessible and sustainable solutions for people experiencing mental health problems or learning disabilities in Nigeria.


A world that protects and promotes good mental health for all.

Key Aims

  • §  To improve the skills and knowledge of the Amaudo Itumbauzo worker team and other associated health-workers.
  • §  To increase the capacity of Amaudo Itumbauzo by accessing and utilising expertise, resources and funding in the UK.
  • §  To increase awareness and promote Amaudo Itumbauzo and Amaudo UK.
  • §  To work with other likeminded organisations to share learning and knowledge about mental health in developing countries.


 Annual Report 2014

Click on image below to read our Annual Report 2014


Amaudo UK @Amaudo 5 months ago

@nighealthwatch very gd article but there r places in Nigeria where community provision exists eg Abia, Imo... with Amaudo and state support

Amaudo UK @Amaudo 5 months ago

For those who missed it a reminder of the research paper released earlier in the year featuring Amaudo's work https://t.co/xEnn5rSy5R