Maduabuchi's Story

I was Trading in Lagos and even had some transactions in Togo before I started experiencing some mental health problem. I could no longer continue in my business. My life took a downward slope in my status and my financial capability. I lost some vital social skills that made people stay away and abandon me out of fear. I was disoriented and homeless.


I was brought back to my home in the South East Nigeria where I was taken to the Community Mental health clinic in Umuahia South LGA in Abia State and the Psychiatric Nurse started treating me until I became mentally stable and I was enrolled in the local Self Help Group. I am now also a member of my community and family meetings. I am also the Chairman of the Self Help of Umuahia South. This position has raised my status and self worth as I am a signatory to my Self Group Account and I can sign the cheque for my Self Help Group members who are approved to receive the Amaudo Micro Finance loan for the Self Help Group. I did not believe that I can sign a cheque again because of discrimination and stigmatization which I suffered due to mental health problem. Indeed Amaudo changed my life.

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