Chibuzo's story

In March 2015 Chibuzo was picked up from the streets of Umuahia unkempt and almost naked. She was very confused but came willingly with the Amaudo staff members who promised her food, shelter and safety. Mentally ill women are particularly vulnerable on the streets and frequently experience sexual abuse.

Once she settled down to the routines at Amaudo her rehabilitation, although challenging at times, progressed astonishingly quickly. Within just six months her mental health stabilised and her family were successfully traced. As part of the repatriation programme she went to stay with her family for a two week trial period. Her family were so pleased to have her back especially as they could see how well she was. They also greatly appreciated the support that Amaudo staff were able to offer them as they were able to learn about mental health issues and how best to support Chibuzo once she came home permanently. Due to her fast recovery she was discharged on December 6th 2015 along with 29 other residents.

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