Owo's story

I am a resident of the Okopedi Community which is the host community of Amaudo 1’s residential centre. I was not privileged to attend formal education when I was younger however I was given the chance to take part in Amaudo’s Millennium Maintenance Project in 2000. This project was a collaboration between Amaudo Itumbauzo and Amaudo UK, organised to provide training to local people in various maintenance skills while at the same time renovating and taking care of the buildings and equipment at Amaudo.

I was one of a group of young men who attended skills workshops learning about mechanics, masonry work, painting, residential electrics and carpentry. The training was so empowering and gave us the chance to learn new skills so that we could have a livelihood in the future. During the project I specialised in electrical wiring, building and painting. I was able to complete my training under Peter Brown, the British supervisor of the project.

Once the project finished, I started using my skills undertaking jobs such as house wiring for people in my community. More recently Amaudo also has engaged my services by giving me a number of maintenance jobs particularly electrical repairs and the redecoration of buildings. Currently I am the official electrician for Amaudo’s residential centres, and I also undertake electrical wiring in new buildings in my community, Okopedi.

I am now self-employed, and I can earn a good living to sustain my family. I am very thankful to Amaudo for giving me this opportunity and to learn from experienced people like Peter Brown. I am now married with three children and I am happy because of this experience I am able to pay for my children school fees and care for my wife and my entire family.

Amaudo really changed my life.

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