Chidi's Story

I am happy that I am now mentally stable because Amaudo treated me. I now trade palm oil. I purchase oil from the local producers when the price is low and I will store the oil and sell when the price is high.

I no longer depend on people for money to care for myself as a woman. From the profit I make, I am able to sustain my living and pay for my monthly clinic review.

I also support my family members financially. I have regained my dignity in the family and society. I am no longer inferior to other people because of my ill health.

Amaudo treated me and supported me to fund my trading. This indeed empowered me as a woman. It is very challenging if a woman has mental disorders and depend on family and society for livelihood and other personal care. I am happy that Amaudo helped me to overcome the humiliation.

Please continue to support Amaudo to change the lives of many women who have mental health problems because it is more difficult if you are a woman.

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