Friday's story

I am a young man of 30 years old and I have graduated from college. As soon as I had graduated from school I began to search for a job, but I discovered that it was not very easy to get a job especially in the area I wanted to. This was a big challenge to my expectations and made me feel really disheartened.

Gradually my I thoughts and feelings about life began to be unnecessarily abnormal and I began to imagine that I already had a big job and I was big man earning some big money. I began to lose touch with reality. My perception about life was not coordinated any longer. I felt that I could have anything I wanted or needed. Gradually I began to wander away from home and ended up living rough on the streets until Amaudo picked me up.

I have now spent 2 months and some weeks at Amaudo. I already feel that my thinking is clearer and coordinated. I now have better judgement.

I think that the medication and care I have received from Amaudo, as well as the community life at Amaudo, has really helped me. I have joined the skill training in the workshop and do barbing. I am happy to do this because I have been a barber before I started my higher education. I am also good at art, especially drawing. The Amaudo Director took notice of my barbing skill and requested that I assist the teacher in the barbing section of the Amaudo workshop. This really made me happy. I hope to go home when I am discharged to start my barbing business again.

In fact, Amaudo has change my life.

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